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Deal Broker Loosens Grip On His Firm
Article originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal

ONE OF THE REGION'S LEADING deal makers, Gordon Tunstall is finally taking some of his own high-priced advice.

The $500-an-hour consultant to companies seeking private or public capital has traditionally kept a tight grip on the reins of his Tampa based firm, Tunstall Consulting Inc. Now, for the first time, he is planning...

The Money Man
Article originally appeared in The Tampa Tribune

While the credit crunch has put a stranglehold on much of the investment banking industry, Gordon Tunstall and his Tampa-based firm have defied the trend and scored big for Bay area businesses.

For much of the past year, bankers and lenders have acted like misers from a Charles Dickens novel.

Gordon Tunstall's Unusual Financial Approach Gets Results Tampa Consultant Garners National Attention
HERE'S THE SCENARIO: you're the owner of a fast-growing company with enormous potential but you lack the cash to fund sizable growth. You've approached the capital markets for a cash infusion, but you can't get your foot in any doors to even discuss the possibility.

Enter Gordon Tunstall seasoned financial consultant and self-professed...

Banker By The Hour
WALL STREET's reputation for greed makes good marketing for Gordon Tunstall. A financier who targets his services at smaller companies, Tunstall has raised nearly $1 billion in debt and equity so far this year for 75 clients.

While most investment banks take underwriting discounts of up to 5% and bill multimillion-dollar "financial advisory" fees, Tunstall Consulting, Inc. charges hourly fees of $90 to $315, plus expenses.

Nominated by: Michael L. Jamieson, Holland & Knight Most of Gordon Tunstall's professional life has been primarily devoted to helping entrepreneurs. For the first 12 years he worked with entrepreneurs in a public accounting and banking capacity. In 1980, he started Tunstall Consulting Inc. Tunstall Consulting specializes in assisting young companies to develop a business plan and then accessing the capital markets to fund the plan.

Tunstall Consulting now assists more than...

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