Our Philosophy

Since 1980 Tunstall Consulting has provided unique, unbiased advice regarding strategy, capital formation and financing to growth companies across a variety of industries.

During this time, Tunstall has assisted approximately 1,000 companies in raising more than $15 billion from institutional investors.

Tunstall's Core Philosophies are simple:

  • Provide world-class, unbiased advice to clients by removing compensation-based conflicts that are found in typical brokerage relationships.

  • Assist in the development of a comprehensive, institutionally focused business plan that allows companies to grow to their fullest potential without capital restraints.

  • Create transactions that minimize equity dilution through proper financial structuring and the use of adjustable terms based upon actual future performance.

  • Conduct a broad search of potential lenders and investors to produce a customized set of transaction terms specific to each client's needs.

  • Enhance long-term value for entrepreneurs, management teams, and owners while providing appropriate returns to lenders and investors.

Tunstall always provides advice resulting in optimal financing structures to help companies grow to their fullest potential, while fostering long term value creation.

Have one of our professionals evaluate your company's growth opportunities and develop the appropriate strategy to achieve the best financial structure with the least amount of equity dilution. Click here »

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